St. Louis Cemetery #3

No tour in New Orleans would be complete without seeing one of our famed cemeteries. While the dead are six feet under in your town they rise above in ours.
Our private tour guide Cassandra tell the stories that haunt the Crescent City. We’ll show you where some of our most fabled residents call their eternal home.

The tour group gets out and takes a walk so you can see up close and personal that New Orleans has a wholly different relationship with our dead than anywhere else in the country.

Located in the Esplanade Ridge neighborhood, just before Mid City, St. Louis No.3 is one of the most well-kept cemeteries in all of the New Orleans.
Cemetery No. 3 offers visitors a moment to soak the ambiance in a quiet setting.

Established in 1854, each and every tomb paints a picture of its own New Orleans rich history. Cemetery No. 3 tells visitors the story of immigration patterns, devastating floods and health scares of generations passed.
Every piece of marble in the cemetery is a work of art. We care for our deceased down here and our New Orleans tour guides will tell you the tales of what life in New Orleans through the generations is like, one grave at a time.