St. Louis Cemetery #3

No tour in New Orleans would be complete without seeing one of our famed cemeteries. While the dead are six feet under in your town they rise above in ours.
Our private tour guide Cassandra tell the stories that haunt the Crescent City. We’ll show you where some of our most fabled residents call their eternal home.

The tour group gets out and takes a walk so you can see up close and personal that New Orleans has a wholly different relationship with our dead than anywhere else in the country.

Located in the Esplanade Ridge neighborhood, just before Mid City, St. Louis No.3 is one of the most well-kept cemeteries in all of the New Orleans.
Cemetery No. 3 offers visitors a moment to soak the ambiance in a quiet setting.

Established in 1854, each and every tomb paints a picture of its own New Orleans rich history. Cemetery No. 3 tells visitors the story of immigration patterns, devastating floods and health scares of generations passed.
Every piece of marble in the cemetery is a work of art. We care for our deceased down here and our New Orleans tour guides will tell you the tales of what life in New Orleans through the generations is like, one grave at a time.

City Park

City Park is one of New Orleans best attractions. A huge, luscious space, City Park is a stunning expanse of sights. 1.5 times larger than New York’s Central Park, City Park hosts the New Orleans City Tours of Art, a carousel, and duck ponds, as well as some of New Orleans’ best wildlife.

Located in the heart of Mid City, City Park is also where the Voodoo Music Festival is held annually.

We’ll take a ride through the winding streets where mossy oaks line the streets, while birds sit on the branches contemplating the day. The 1,300-acre outdoor oasis has enchanted New Orleans city tours since 1854 and millions annually stroll under the picturesque moss canopies.

The 9th Ward

Being New Orleans natives, this part of the tour really hits home for us. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, it devastated our city. We’ve spend almost a decade working hard to rebuild and show the world we’re better than ever.

New Orleans City Tours will take you to see the how we’ve come back, and we’ll show you what we’re doing to make sure that something like that never happens again. Our private tour guide will take you to the Musician’s Village and to see some of the success stories that continue to define the strength of our residents and New Orleans businesses.

Too far to walk from the French Quarter, we’ll take you on a ride that only the locals know about. You’ll get a chance to really experience what life in New Orleans can be like.

Tour Guides

Jared loves music. When he’s not cruising the streets giving New Orleans city tours, you’ll find him tearing up the stage with his trumpet. Ride with Jared and you’re bound to learn a lot about the rich musical history of New Orleans City Tours. A Treme native, Jared was born with Jazz embedded in his soul.

Aaron is the super fan. When it comes to New Orleans sports, you won’t find a bigger supporter of the Saints, LSU, The Pelicans and even the Voodoo. Aaron’s a sports Rolodex that’s always adding new stats to his brain about the sports history of New Orleans. Ask him about the Saints winning the Superbowl and prepare to get your ear talked off.

Looking for something to eat? Dino is our resident chef and comedian. He claims he can cook anything. A descendant of Swamp People, Dino knows how to cook Alligators, turtles, even raccoon. We’re still waiting for someone to challenge him to an Iron Chef cooking duel. Being an ardent food lover, Dino is happy to tell you where to get dinner after the tour.

Benson is a student at the University of New Orleans and is majoring in Business Marketing. He’s also an enlisted Marine, and he drives for us. Benson is the VIP City Tours man of mystery.

Henry is the VIP City Tours Living Legend. Henry has been with the company for the last ten years and is New Orleans City Tours busiest driver. Henry knows every inch of New Orleans. His tours are fun, and he always makes sure every rider leaves with a smile on their face.

When Henry isn’t behind the wheel of his bus, you can usually find him hanging out with his two kids or pretending he’s the next Wall St. tycoon as he’s an avid “dabbler” in the stock market.

Our Guides Philosophy

Our drivers are the heart and soul of New Orleans City Tours.  Their insight into the city of New Orleans adds depth to the classic stories and a personal flavor to the history and culture of one of the greatest cities in the world.

For over two hours, you’ll learn about the history and culture of New Orleans. This funky little city by the river has a lot to show. From the musical back streets of Treme, to the stunning mansions Uptown, our drivers will take you on a journey through the streets that only a real New Orleanian could provide.

New Orleans City Tours Tours guides are passionate historians of New Orleans. They’re not afraid to answer tough questions and tell you the whole story of our city’s history. New Orleans City Tours drivers are one-of-a-kind tour guides providing a fun experience and adventure from the comfort of our climate controlled bus.

WBAL Baltimore

WBAL Baltimore Takes a ride with New Orleans City Tours

Check out some of the great things Jennifer Franciotti of WBAL Baltimore has to say about New Orleans City Tours



(pronounced “Treh-MAY”; historically Faubourg Tremé) is the birthplace of Jazz. The Treme is the spiritual home of our city. Congo Square in Armstrong Park anchors this historic neighborhood where the streets have more history than some books.

The Treme has been a legendary influence of New Orleans culture. So many significant events have taken places on these back streets of Treme

The French Quarter

The French Quarter  Of course we’ll dish some of the dirt of New Orleans crowning jewel, The French Quarter. People from all over the globe flock to the streets of The French Quarter to take in it’s rarefied air every single day.
There’s just something about the neighborhood that sits at the crest of the river that draws people in.

For hundreds of years, people have found a sense of allure about the French Quarter, and we understand why you’re here.
Generally buses aren’t allowed in the French Quarter, but because our buses are compact, we’re allowed to cruise the narrow streets in style.

From the comfort of your air conditioned seat, you’ll see the backstreets, and the areas that are off the beaten path. There are many blocks to walk, and many sights to see within the Quarter’s blocks. We save your feet the pain for when you’re out on Bourbon Street.

Our guides are experts at recommending the best places in the Quarter to get a drink or a meal, so if you’re looking for the perfect place after your tour, don’t hesitate to ask. If there’s one thing a New Orleanian likes to do is talk about their food.